What kind of customize furniture can work with IRON WOOD?

We do mostly bentwood chair, but we also produce table, console, coffee, end table, and shelves, combine with metal and wood.

How can you customize each piece?

Each piece can be customized in different ways depending on the item type, normally the simple customize based on our existing product could run faster, for example, the bentwood chair, you can make your own shape, color, veneer, and the leather or fabric cover, even the length of leg. In addition, we also accept customer design with forecast or expectation of quantity

How does it take to launch the sample?

Normally it will take two weeks based on existing item, but it could be 2 months if this item is require extra molding, this will be advise when we work on design checking.

If there is a new development that would like to work with you, what will be the procedures?

Once we receive the design, we will check first with all the detail and if it is available to work with us, it will be great if there is a targeting price or expected retailing price for us as reference. During this period of time, the cost of material is not stable; it will be easier for us to find the possible material to purpose if there is a targeting.

How can I contact for more detail?

You can send us the information by e-mail (, or send website enquiry sheet, we will reply you once receive. Don’t forget to put a citation to let us know where you see us, google search or exhibition newsletter.


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